Why India's farmers are struggling despite the growth of agriculture

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, CEO, ekgaon in a recent interview with The National Abudhabi lead newspaper in Middle East.... spoke "Millions of migrant labourers who had no employment in the cities during the lockdown went back to their villages and have chosen to [engage in] agriculture again, which would mean production will further grow,” says Ekgaon’s Mr Aditya. That would mean supply could exceed demand, putting pressure on prices.

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AgriTalk with Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, Co-Founder CEO & Director, Ekgaon - Nasscom Community

To use a clichéd word, value. Once again, whether a farmer will pay or not will depend on his perceived value. Companies which serve this segment will have to understand this clearly to make any kind of impact. Value cannot be vague, generic and superficial.

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एक गाँव की सूझबूझ से किसानों का भला

एक गांव ऐसा मंच है जहां किसानों की समस्या का हल मिलता है । सूचना तंत्र से जुड कर आज लाखों किसान लाभंवित हो रहे हैं । गगन बत्रा की खास रिपोर्ट

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ICT in agriculture needs financial support, tax incentives

Ekgaon Technologies provides farm advisories to farmers in various parts of India, its CEO, VIJAY PRATAP SINGH ADITYA talks to MOHD MUSTAQUIM on persisting problems in providing ICT services to farmers and expectations from the Budget

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Buy Direct from Farm, Healthy and Organic food at ekgaon.com

Ekgaon is unique ‘For Profit’ community-based social enterprise enriching lives of over a million rural households in India. Ekgaon provides utility services for farmers, rural businesses and rural women. It is the first company to introduce mobile enabled financial services delivery platform in South Asia.

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Marvels of Mind - Featured Entrepreneur - Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, CEO, ekgaon

‘Ekgaon’, which in the literal sense means, ‘one village’, was founded on Gandhian philosophy which states “For the purpose of economics village is my world, for the purpose of culture world is my village.”

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Case Study: Improving Farmers Livelihood through M-Commerce and E-Commerce

............... All products cater to a healthy food brand philosophy, for example it sells Palm sugar and Jaggery and not white sugar, which is not good for health. The farmers’ income, as a result of both the mobile-based advisory services as well as the marketplace, has seen an average increase of Rs 8,500 per month, or 67 percent. Ekgaon expects to double the farm income in next few years and ensure the monthly bonus credited to bank account of its network farmers from end-retail sales (upto 10%) from the currently quarterly bonus.

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Did you know this organisation increased monthly incomes of 10,000 farmers by almost 70 pc

Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a new mobile app— Kisan Suvidha— which will provide farmers information on the five parameters of weather, input dealer, market price, plant protection and expert advisories. Given that India has the world’s second largest smartphone market, with 87 million rural mobile Internet users, and agriculture is the mainstay of Indian economy, with more than 60 per cent of the workforce employed in it, it is presumed that this app is likely to have many takers and is poised to change the face of Indian agriculture.

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How Mobile Penetration, Social Media are Gradually Changing the Face of Agriculture

Preetam, a 42-years-old farmer based out of Indri village in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandla district, has 4 acres of land in which he used to produce about 40 quintals of paddy. He sold his produce for about Rs. 1,000, lesser than what the government was offering for the crop at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) because, as a small farmer, he wasn’t part of the cooperative society that ensures farmers get the MSP assured by the Centre.

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Book Launch - Speak Up - Change India Initiatives

The book, which is a collection of work done by some of the dynamic personalities of contemporary India, is an endeavour to put light on how an ideal citizen should be. This book shall inspire the people, who want to contribute to the nation, with real life examples of these change-makers. They have paved a path for the betterment but to reach the other side of this dark tunnel, effort needs to transpire at an individual level. It's when we are painting a widow's life as white, we need to think.

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