घट रही है किसानों की आमदनी.. कम हो रही है खेल-खलिहानों की हरियाली... क्या मोदी सरकार निभायेगी अपना वादा ? क्या 2022 तक दोगुनी होगी किसानों की आमदनी ? Panelists: विजय प्रताप सिंह आदित्य, CEO, एक गाँव टैक्नॉलाजीज़ केदार सिरोही, संस्थापक सदस्य, आम किसान यूनियन

Ypo-Wpo SEN Ambassadors: SEN Summit in Chennai - Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya - Rural Catalyst

YPO-WPO Networks and Groups were formed to bring members together from different geographic locations, who may have more to share with someone on the other side of the world than a member next door. A very important network is "Social Enterprise Networks (SEN)" which magnifies member's efforts to "give back" by many folds. SEN is a unique plate form for creating a larger impact for betterment of society. Over 3500 passionate business leaders, for whom making a difference for a better world matters a lot, have joined SEN. SEN is represented by a SEN Ambassador in every Ypo and Wpo Chapter. SEN Summit ( Chennai), an initiative of SEN Ambassadors of Chennai Ypo and Wpo Chapters, was held on the 9th feb 2013 at Leela Palace Hotel. It was webcast live for benefit of members and their families all over the world. The Summit was ideated to celebrate the spirit of 10 outstanding Social entrepreneurs from different parts of India, who have innovative ideas and commitment to solve specific social issue close to their heart. Their talks have been put in YouTube and other social medias. SEN Summit was co-chaired by Jai Kishan "JK" Jhaver and Arun Jain, members of Wpo (Chennai) Chapter.

Those who have dared: Success stories of social entrepreneurs

Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, CEO, ekgaon speaking in the session "Those who have dared: Success stories of social entrepreneurs" 7th Indian Marketing Summit, March 15 - 16th, 2013, New Delhi Social Marketing: Bridging business and society.

Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, is CEO of ekgaon.

Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, is CEO of ekgaon. He speaks about ekgaon's work with the RIF programme of Ashoka. Rural Innovation and Farming is Ashoka programme on agriculture improvement with specific focus on encouraging entrepreneurship in agri-value chain. Vijay explains about ekgaon's work in agriculture extension via a farmer centric personalised service OneFarm. Interview with Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, is CEO of ekgaon.

Rural Supply Chain Tracking and POS: Sewa case study presented at the Mobile for Good - Vodafone Summit in London in December 2012

ekgaon designed and developed a MIS for enterprise sales and supply chain management of SEWA's Rudi Multi Trading Company, promoted by SEWA for marketing of rural farm produces, procured directly from farmers and processed, packed and marketed by rural women. The MIS is integrated with Mobile App which act as a POS device enabling rural sales, as well as inventory management, sales management, supply chain tracking and receiving and generating system level alerts for efficient operations. Vodafone Summit in London in December 2012

Gust Project for Global Universities: Profile Ekgaon

India is one of the most emerging market place in the world. But 70 % of its population still live in rural areas that barely no public services reaches. Focusing on the mobile phone technology, one of the most spread communication technology in India, Ekgaon developed two services : - One to help micro finance institutions to guaranty transparency into their transaction, which is a key point to convince cautious rural customers, - The other one to provide agricultural advisory to farmers, which helps them to save money and improve harvest. Ekgaon - New Delhi, India by GUST PROJECT

Farming Made Easy - Live Interview at CNN-IBN - India Positive Programme

Vijay Pratap Singh has not just made farming easier but also helped in facilitating micro-finance for the those who need it. CNN IBN coverage of ekgaon.

CNN IBN: An entrepreneur who made mobiles a weapon for the farmer

Meenakshi Upreti, CNN-IBN | Jan 23, 2012 at 09:46am Vijay Pratap Singh has not just made farming easier but also helped in facilitating micro-finance for the those who need it. CNN IBN coverage of ekgaon.


Finance Plus: Value-Added Services, Technology & Food Security for Rural Farmers in India

As part of the Rural Agricultural Finance and Food Security (RAFFS) Practitioner Learning Program (PLP), the Kahzi Kadaimaidai Farmers Federation (KKFF) explored the connection between rural finance, value-added services and food security for group members in South India. Following the 2004 tsunami, KKFF designed a bundled package of services including agro-advisory services, risk mitigation/insurance and warehouse receipts financing tailored to meet the specific needs of rural farmers in Tamil Nadu state. KKFF\92s hypothesis was that by providing these value-added services along with financing options, farmers would be able to customize and expand upon traditional rural finance products to improve crop production, increase income and, as a result, improve household food security. To document their study, KKFF created a short video that is viewable here.

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya: Helping the less fortunate
Ideas for a Better World Forum: The role of entreprenuers in Developing Social Infrastructure Q&A

Ideas for a Better World Forum - Singapore International Foundation

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya: Helping the less fortunate

Ideas for a Better World Forum: The role of entrepreneurs in Developing Social Infrastructure. Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya is the founder of Ekgaon Technologies which provide financial, health, and agriculture services to rural customers.

Ideas for a Better World Forum: From rickshaw revolution to empowered slum dwellers

Aspiring social entrepreneurs joined representatives from corporations, education institutions, arts groups and government agencies to get inspired and be enriched by four Ashoka Fellows and staff at the SIF\92s Ideas for a Better World Forum on Wednesday. Ashoka, the global association of the world\92s leading social entrepreneurs, has about 3,000 members worldwide. With India as the focus country for discussion, guests learnt about the revolution of the rickshaw transport industry to enable these transport operators to multiply their income. They were also given a glimpse into the push to provide low-income families with affordable housing, into how slum dwellers are empowered to improve their living conditions, and how modern technology has been adapted to meet the needs of the rural poor.

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